about ka di de關于卡帝德


企業愿景Corporate Vision


For our customers,employees,business partners,all of us the opportunity to create and rezlize their beautiful dream.

企業宗旨Corporate Purpose


Picture of the world,the good faith strives for the development.



Pursue higher goals,have bear false confidence and courage,intergrity does not shy away from problems,willing to make difficult decisions,improve the situation as own duty,abide by social morality and ethics.

坦誠的團隊合作Honest Team Work


Focus on team goals,with global thinking and to use reasonable facts and arguments to influence to persuade team member,will judge of fact from opinion of people (for things not people.Break the team, the functional departments,and the barriers between all levels, establish good communication relationship.

專業化與價值創新觀念Specialization And Value lnnovation


Share management function,technical knowledge,professional skills, have never tired of learning attitude and enterprising spirit,keep innovation,focus on creating value for customers,from solutions,products and knowledge platform,customer level,thinking about the possibilty of value innovation.

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